Happy New Year to All Peas & Glovers everywhere

On a cold bright January day around seventy beautiful tie dyed souls, along with eight children and several dogs all gathered together with love in their hearts and one sole purpose….. to welcome our boy home. The clouds cleared and the sun shone with the collective enthusiasm, friendship, family, faith and hope of us all.

After three years and eleven months away, and after a huge amount of planning and teamwork, we are delighted to say that Olly finally came back home to Jersey on 9th January.
It has been a long, often emotional and stressful journey but to put it into a phrase ‘the rollercoaster just changed direction’.
It’s going to take a bit of getting used to for everyone involved.  For Olly he can now see his friends when he wants to.  He can hear and feel the wind, smell the sea, feel the sun on his face and watch the sunsets over the bay.  For friends and family there is no more travelling across the channel having to be mindful of bad weather, delayed flights or bad traffic.
For the family and close friends, it now means we can see him pretty much when we like.   He has new routines and a new care team and we are taking time to ensure everything works well and everyone is happy with this next step.  Because everything in his environment from sounds and smells and background are so different we are very mindful not to overload him with too much extra stimulation. He has a very carefully timetabled schedule of various therapies including physio, SLT, OT and hydrotherapy and total rest. He obviously also has time to meet his close friends to hang out but it needs to fit into his busy day. Please contact Matt Daly, his social secretary to get a prized slot. The local care team from Tutela are doing an amazing job of looking after his every need. They are a great addition to “Team Olly”.
Until we find something a bit more permanent, for the next couple of months Olly is staying ‘Out West’ and has 24/7 care.  The local team are being ably assisted by two guys who worked with him in the UK and who are taking time out of their lives to ensure Olly’s care and therapies remain at the same high level.  Being able to work with Olly one to one everyday already seems to have helped him make further small improvements.  Something we all hoped would happen.
As always we are grateful, humbled and inspired by the level of love that so many people have for our boy. And so begins the next exciting chapter at home on our special Island.
Peas and Glove to all