To All Peas & Glovers, friends, supporters, and family

As we head towards late summer it seems a good time to reflect on the past few months and to update you on Olly’s progress. To also let you know how some of the money raised has been used to enhance the therapy and care Olly is currently receiving.

Firstly, we believe Mr Matt Daly should receive a knighthood. So if anyone has any clout in No 10 or Buck House please make yourself known! Daly has worked tirelessly, often with very emotional and upsetting things going on in his own life, to keep Peas & Glove going for another year. Whilst we firmly believe that the spirit of P&G will always be there and a help to some, being responsible for organizing events, giving interviews, and ensuring the online store got updated and stocked is hidden work that he takes in his stride. Certainly, Permanent Ollyday 2017 back in May was testament to his determination and abilities. He also had Brontey sitting on his shoulder who gave ideas from her experience running these amazing annual events. She remains an important stakeholder in this incredible journey.

Ollyday 2017 was again a brilliantly attended day with some incredible musicians and acts giving their time and talent to make the day as memorable as the last two. For the first time we also facilitated a virtual ticket for Olly. By the power of Skype Olly was amongst the crowd to watch The Progressive School of Music choir plus a few extras sing their rendition of the P&G national anthem ‘Permanent Holiday’ by Mike Love. A very special extra mention to the PSM Choir as they chose Peas & Glove as their annual charity and raised an amazing amount of money. Thank you all for your generous gesture. Best choir in the land!!

Mike Love – now there’s an interesting story. He was scheduled to play at this year’s Boomtown Festival. Armed with that fact it became a mission to meet him and thank him for the personal video he sent in 2015. There are pictures to prove it – have a look on the Facebook and new Instagram pages (@wearepeasandglove)– Daly, Haycock and Hanna met & talked with Mr Love and have invited him to Jersey. Watch this space!! 😎

So, what are we doing with the money raised? Well, so far in the last twelve months we have bought Olly a new motorized wheelchair, an iPad and we continue to fund the services of an amazing Cranio Osteopath – Mr John Silverstone. The wheelchair has made a huge difference to being able to get Olly around, has improved his posture and in its usual position puts him at eye level with most people around him. His progress this year has generally been positive with improved awareness and communication via the Eyegaze technology he has (also funded by P&G) and the hard work of the resident physios and therapists. Olly works with binary ‘yes/no’ answers to a multitude of questions with increasingly more accuracy in his answers and responses.

We think it is important to also mention the bits that didn’t go so well. Olly has had a couple of episodes this year where he has ended up with sepsis. We spent our Christmas break in Epsom General Hospital High Dependency Unit as he made a full recovery. However, in late March, after a routine procedure, he again became poorly and was rushed to Epsom A&E. Easter and Olly’s 22nd birthday spent in HDU! He had sepsis again but this time with an added complication of pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung. The initial diagnosis wasn’t great, with the consultant having a serious meeting with the family to discuss the seemingly only viable option of giving Olly a tracheotomy and putting him on a ventilator. That was a Saturday morning with the consultant due back to decide at 2 o’clock that afternoon. If you’ve ever been in a hospital at a weekend you’ll know that time seems to elapse without you realizing it and consultants are often on duty on their own and very busy. We’re still not sure if it was luck or divine intervention, but the consultant didn’t manage to get back to see Olly until 7 that evening. In the meantime, he had started to make a strong recovery, so the decision was made that no further intervention was required. Two weeks later he was back to 100% and headed back to the Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF) rehab center in Banstead. (Touch wood) he has been very well since. The team at QEF continue to provide a full package of support both medically and therapeutically and have contributed to Olly’s steady improvement.

During the Summer, the Peas and Glove team has run stalls at many festivals, headed up by Sir Daly and assisted by a number of willing volunteers. Reasons to be Grateful, Reasons to be Cheerful, Groove de Lecq and most recently The Weekender. It’s been a busy year.

The online shop is up and running supported by our friends at Lab-6. The message and high spirit of what has been achieved continues to spread and we have seen some great pictures from all over the world. Peas and Glove has come to be so much more than then original idea from a very close-knit group of people looking to do something to support themselves and their friend. It has become a symbol of positivity, faith, and hope for a wide range of people in all walks of life. And in many more parts of the world.

Keep the faith. Keep the loving and caring spirit in your blood. And most importantly, keep yourselves well and smiling even through challenging and emotional times.

Love to all

Peas & Glove