We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for The Peas & Glove experience over the last year. What you have all achieved and continue to do has amazed us all and shows just how much Olly is loved. We continue to be inspired and grateful for your energy, love and positivity.

The events of that October night in 2014 has changed all of our lives forever. We often think about why this would happen to us and why our life paths would veer off to such a degree. But by focusing on fate and accepting what has happened, Olly’s accident has created something special which has reached so many people and places both in Jersey, the UK and abroad. Peas and Glove has really transformed what could be a very negative energy into something hugely positive

The injuries Olly suffered were so serious that by rights he should have died that night. When the rescue services arrived at the scene they expected the worst. But Olly was still alive and was taken to hospital and then transferred to Southampton Neuro Intensive Care where the first procedures took place to save his life.

Since then Olly has undergone some major operations and in contradiction to early prognosis from his consultants, after weeks in a medically induced coma, he regained consciousness and is getting stronger and making progress.

Whilst improvements in him and his condition are incredibly slow, which we believe is usual with acquired brain injury (ABI), it is clear that he has started to rebuild himself and can now understand what is being said. He has started to respond to some simple instructions and he uses his voice although not yet in a controlled way. We get the impression he is really trying hard although he has periods during the day of being very sleepy or more awake and aware.

Since the start of all this, his medical carers, both in Jersey and now in the UK, have been some of the most dedicated and amazing people we have ever met. Where he is at the movement, the therapists and carers are committed to getting him to the best he can be and have grown to be very fond of him. He does seem to have that affect on people. Well he always has!

Olly is currently at QEF (Queen Elizabeth Foundation) in Banstead in the UK where he is receiving specialist rehabilitation care. The unit is set up to care for adults with acquired brain injuries. There are currently 15 residents of all ages and backgrounds. Olly has a full agenda of sessions with a number of specialist therapists from Monday to Friday. These include a varied week of physiotherapy, Speech and Language where they help work on his swallow with a view to progressing when he is ready to speech. Occupational Therapy work on accessing communication by using things like switches. He also sits in on art sessions and group music sessions which are extremely lively! He does have downtime too when he can just relax and concentrate on getting better. The staff have really taken to him and he has several surrogate mothers who ensure he gets lots fresh air and they spend time talking to him and playing his favorite music. There is very much a relaxed and friendly community vibe at QEF Banstead which we think Olly appreciates.

With the efforts of the Peas & Glovers and the generosity of the people of Jersey, some of the funds raised are being used to pay for additional therapies. John Silverstone, a cranio-osteopath has been working with Olly each week for several months. He has been welcomed into the medical centre as a member of the team and strives to optimise Olly’s central nervous system and lymphatic drainage in order for the therapies to make maximum possible improvements and to make Olly as comfortable as possible.

The funds raised also mean that he has access to private appointments if necessary. The trust has also bought several pieces of equipment for Olly which were recommended by his therapists. For example he has a specific head rest which has made a big difference to his head position and subsequently his ability to engage with therapies and visitors.

It is a long long road to recovery but thanks to the efforts of the Peas and Glove family we are happy that Olly in not alone on his journey. We will get there. You have our deepest and sincerest love and thanks.